Bainbridge Island: Small Town Charm

Finding Bainbridge Island only takes a short ferry ride across Puget Sound. It’s worth the ride, and should top anyone’s list of “must-dos” during a visit to Washington State.

Bainbridge is a commuter town and bedroom community in metro Seattle, but it is also so much more than that. Downtown Bainbridge (formerly called Winslow) features a myriad, of shops, restaurants, wine rooms, art galleries, parks, and hiking trails. The island has a lot of natural beauty, and the community also as taken pride in creating a garden atmosphere throughout the community.

On our visit, we rode an mid-morning ferry across Puget (which features amazing photo opportunities of downtown Seattle from the water) and arrived on Bainbridge in time for lunch. A short walk from the ferry took us to downtown, and we chose to eat lunch at Isla Bonita Mexican Restaurant. After lunch, we explored the downtown shops and walking trails, indulged our sweet tooth at Gelarto Italian Ice Cream, and made our way to the waterfront park and trail, which featured gorgeous views of the city dock.

We ended our afternoon with a wine tasting at Island Vintners before boarding an afternoon ferry back to downtown Seattle for dinner.

In all, a worthwhile day. Bainbridge Island is a great way to see another “side” of Washington without having to too far outside of Seattle to get it!

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