Guilded Age Beauty in College Hill

IMG_1570Laurel Court, also known as the Peter G. Thomson house, might be one of the most gorgeous homes in Cincinnati. It also might be one the best kept secrets in the city.

It shouldn’t be.

Built in 1902 as a private residence, this home hearkens back to an era of tremendous Cincinnati growth. Stately mansions, new parks, public transportation, growing suburbs, skyscrapers all cropped up around during the period between 1880 and 1920. In College Hill, then called Pleasant Hill, Peter G. Thompson, founder of The Champion Coated Paper Co, selected a large tract of land for what would become his massive family home.  His architect designed the house with the Grand Trianon in mind.

The home turned out grand, indeed.

Today, guests can enjoy Laurel Court as an event venue, and that’s how I first came to see it. I attended a wedding there, and it was an elegant backdrop for the ceremony and reception. The couple married in the garden, guests drank cocktails on the first floor of the mansion, everyone joined together for a fantastic dinner on the lawn, and we finished up the night with dessert and dancing in the solarium.


You don’t have to be part of a wedding party to visit this fantastic slice of Cincinnati history, though. The homeowners regularly schedule private tours, and keep the house open for guests.

What are you waiting for? Visit!

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